Calgary Board of Education

customer service at the CTC Salon and Spa

posted on Feb. 23, 2012

We are very excited about the development of the new Cosmetology Program at the Career and Technology Centre (CTC). We have worked very hard to develop and teach students the power of strategic alliances and partnerships with industry leaders in Calgary. The new Cosmetology Program embraces the new curriculum for our Hairstyling and Aesthetics courses and personalized learning, along with a very strong customer service component.

We are very thankful for our valued clients who make it possible for our Cosmetology students to perform their skills on real people. Cosmetology is a people business—a personal service industry designed to make our guests feel and look great. When a guest comes into our facility to have a hair service, we ensure students fulfill the complete sequence and process of customer service. The process includes an assessment of the individual guest's needs – if they are having a haircut, we like to ensure that they can manage the hairstyle at home. That requires the student to share what shampoo and conditioner they have decided to use on the guest, and what finishing products they have chosen to create the finished product/style. It is the guest's choice to purchase products, and the student shares their product knowledge.

With the opening of our new Spa, we are very confident in our student's ability to recommend specific products for our guests. If you are having a facial, the student will analyze your skin and then share with you the products they have chosen to use on your skin during the facial. They will then offer you a recommendation of products for you to use at home. This is not "selling"; it is sharing their knowledge, and they truly care about your skin.

students learning

Salon/ Spa owners want their staff to be able to perform the entire customer process, and this naturally includes recommending products. Our Salon/Spa distributors are aware of this process and are working with us to give students incentives to perform these services. Stylists and aestheticians typically work on commission, and there is a formula for a retail-to-service ratio that is expected in the world of business.

We are very excited that we have an incentive program that our distributors are supporting and partnering with us on. Modern Beauty Supplies, through our sales consultant, Amy Atkinson, facilitated a product knowledge class and explained how to share information with our guests. Amy provided a beautiful blow-dryer to the student who achieved the highest retail sales, and our very own Ellen R. won the prize. She is always very excited to share what she has learned, and that enthusiasm and knowledge appealed to her guests and the clientele she has created.

This is a very important part of program as we are a very evolving industry and students are required to know the latest in technology and products if they are to stay abreast of skills, techniques, technology, and products in the industry, promoting life-long learning.

We look forward to a new semester and the opening of our new Spa area. We have an exciting Brochure/ Menu that was developed by students. Janine O. created and designed the Marketing Materials/Package, which was a project and something she has for her portfolio. The Marketing Package includes:

  • Brochure/Menu
  • Gift Certificate
  • Business Card
  • Comment Card
  • Product Recommendation Card

The CT Centre Cosmetology Team—the students, instructors and teachers—welcome everyone to visit our beautiful facility and enjoy the wonderful services we have to offer, including great deals on hair, makeup, nail, foot and skin products.