Calgary Board of Education

Spa-ing at the CTC

Winter 2011

students learning

Everyone is very excited about the new Aesthetic-Spa area that will be opening soon to complement the Hairstyling Program at the CTC. Our students participated in the Infection Control seminar that Monica Wartenburg facilitated on September 12, 2011. The students received a Certificate for Basic Infection Control which they will add to their resume. The personal service industry has stringent guidelines for infection control for the safety of the public and the individuals performing the services. We take pride that students at the Centre have the latest in education on Infection Control, and they benefit from the expertise of the industry professionals who support our program.

We are very excited to have chosen the Thalgo Salon and Spa products and treatments. They are for every skin type and are renowned for their dramatic effects in revitalizing, detoxifying, firming, and general well-being. We had Monica Wartenburg, the Thalgo educator, facilitate a one-day seminar and demonstrate the facials we will be offering in the Aesthetic-Spa at the CTC. We will also carry the home maintenance products for our guests to purchase once they have experienced one of our facials/treatments, or had a personal consultation.

The Thalgo Skin facial range caters to all skin types: sensitive, dehydrated, combination, dry, oily/blemished and mature/anti-wrinkle firming.

students learning

"The name Thalgo is actually a melding of the French and Greek language and means 'the richness of the sea and marine algae.' Thalgo products and treatments draw their richness from the ocean's natural resources—wondrous elements from the sea such as algae, which is the basis of marine spa treatments. Thalgo was founded in France over 40 years ago, is in 90 countries and is a worldwide recognized brand.

Every professional Thalgo beauty product incorporates the purest natural ingredients from marine or plant origin and is suitable for all skin types.

Let the beauty of the sea take care of you!" (product information from Thalgo

We are also very excited to use and carry the Gehwol foot care line from Germany. Everyone is waiting for a pedicure and we are very excited about our new pedicure units. Because our new Aesthetic-Spa area is not yet open we had to make the best of our training seminar without the fancy equipment.

When it comes to feet, we trust Gehwol products to keep them clean, soft and beautiful. Plant-based substances are the basis of these products and guarantee soft and gentle care for sensitive skin.

students learning

"Gehwol has been around since 1898 and has since perfected their foot care products. Their preparations are made from natural herbs and essential oils and we love them.

Your feet deserve a sense of wellness and they will be very grateful when you treat them to a pedicure and ensure their wellness with Gehwol products. Gehwol foot care products take care of foot challenges such as:

  • Diabetes—foot problems can have serious consequences for individuals with diabetes. The majority of the products can be used on diabetics without restrictions and they are marked with a D for faster orientation.
  • Foot odor—Gehwol deodorizes and prevents foot odor.
  • Dry skin—dry skin can start to itch and scale, becoming uncomfortable and embarrassing. Compensating lipids and intensive moisture can keep the skin flexible and protect it against further dehydration.
  • Callused/cracked skin—callused skin can result in pressure-pain, and small cracks can cause additional pain with every step. The skin can become smooth and flexible with Gehwol.
  • Athlete's foot—the foot must be treated as soon as it is affected. There are products that can effectively protect you from athlete's foot.
  • Sweaty feet—when feet sweat excessively, it is not only annoying and unpleasant--the skin loses its protection and becomes scabby. Foot odor is another consequence. Deodorizing products can regulate and strengthen the skin, which allows the foot to stay dry and the skin nourished.
  • Burning feet—often occurs when the feet are strained, especially during dry and hot months. This product refreshes burning feet effectively and acts as a preventative when temperatures rise again.
  • Cold feet—insufficient blood circulation quickly results in cold feet and this product enhances the blood circulation and the feet become pleasantly warm.
  • Heavy-tired feet—strained legs from standing a lot can make you feel exhausted. The medicinal herbal extracts in this Gehwol product revitalizes and strengthens the legs, prevents skin discoloration and gently nourishes the skin.
  • Tired sore feet—revitalizes tired feet; and refreshes and invigorates." (product information from Gehwol

Let us and Gehwol take care of your feet!