Calgary Board of Education

First CTC Auto Body Student to Challenge 1st Year Apprenticeship Technical Exams

winter 2011

autobody work

A primary focus at the Career and Technology Centre is helping students achieve a credential in registered trades such as Auto Body Technician. Currently, we are working with Alberta Education and Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) to streamline a process whereby students studying Auto Body in the CBE's Career and Technology Studies (CTS) program can challenge the 1st year AIT apprenticeship technical examination, typically done after high school and after attending a month-long college training program. This curriculum development is ongoing, and for the first time at this centre we will have a student, Brandon W., prepare to challenge the AIT theory exam this January, with the goal of receiving advanced standing in the trade.

autobody sanding

Brandon W. started taking Auto Body courses at the CTC last year (2010-2011). He discovered he was interested in the trade, and pursued a work experience station through Central Memorial High School's Work Experience coordinator, Mr. Arbuckle. This semester Brandon is working mornings in an auto body shop and has been signed on as a 1st year apprentice. This means he has his "blue book", which is huge because in this book are recorded all his hours and yearly progress reports. To prepare for his exam with AIT, Brandon will be using newly developed online course materials at the CTC to study and practice. We will all be watching his progress closely when he begins exam preparations December 12th, and hope to see many more interested students follow in this stream of apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship studies in the future.