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A Walk on the Wild & Creative Side

October 23, 2011

The Cosmetology team at the CT Center attended the platform performance, "What Inspires You" event at the Epcor Center in Calgary, AB. On Sunday, October 23, 2011. Takashi Kitamura was one of the platform artists for the evening, as was the outrageous Robert Cromean. Angus Mitchell, (Paul Mitchell's son) was one of the main platform artists to perform.

students learning students learning

According to Jodi Sillker Nordquest, "Watching the 'What Inspires You' show gave me a new prospective on working in the salon with students and clients. It is the time for changes, time to try new lengths, shapes and colors in hairstyle. It's time to find new trends and preferences, to try on a new look – serene and quiet, playful, or wild and feminine, truly these are the looks I truly felt inspired by. Looking forward to seeing the new trends and designs always inspires the industry. It is up to us as stylists to create the new trends and looks for the clients, to refresh and renew them and inspire them at work and play the way Paul Mitchell's team inspired us. I am looking forward to showcasing the new looks with the students in everyday class room projects".

Robert Cromeans of Las Vegas is a hair industry icon and global visionary for Paul Mitchell. He has been voted artist of the year 7 times and Robert and his team are the most respected stylists in the country. We were very excited to attend the event on October 23, 2011 hosted by BSG and Paul Mitchell. Angus Mitchell and Robert Cromeans along with Takashi Kitamura where the platform artists who demonstrated new techniques in hairstyling – color and great overall performances with fabulous choreography – a real Vegas Style Show-glitz and glamour.

students learning

"I was captured by the video playing when I first entered the theatre, which enhanced my expectations of the show for the evening. I was not disappointed in that the presenters were extravagant and energetic."

Each artist portrayed unique skill and technique that kept you wanting to see what was coming next. The choice of theme was familiar as we watched each character expand through costume and completion of the hair design on stage.

Through the years working in industry, I have seen a variety of fantasy displays and have been involved with introductory level fantasy shows with students. Being able to stay current with what is happening in industry at all levels is vital to us in order to bring that knowledge back to students.

As educators/teachers/instructors, we are responsible for introducing many aspects of our industry and in order to offer students the finest, it is paramount that we are aware of what is new, innovative, and releveant to their education." —Theresa Garland

students learning

Angus Mitchell had big shoes to fill – his father Paul Mitchell was the creator of the Paul Mitchell line. According to Angus, "He still remembered well that his father wanted him to understand the value of a dollar and suggested Angus began a newspaper route at a young age in order to earn his own spending money."

We continually strive as educators at the CT Center to keep abreast of the changes and to be on the cutting edge – we inspire students to do the same!