Calgary Board of Education

Advanced Technology – Partnerships at the CT Centre

October 14, 2011

"Wow!" was the expression from all the Cosmetology students at the CT Center on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 as Dayna Elliott of Milano Software from Toronto, Canada facilitated an incredible on-site seminar for our new Milano Software. Keeping abreast of all the changes and integrating new technology is a fundamental practice at the new CT Center. We are preparing students for the professional beauty industry and it is imperative they have up-to-date skills, information and knowledge so that they will feel confident when they start their apprenticeship.

students learning

We are very proud of how the students have embraced and engaged in their own personal learning; they are like race horses-very eager to learn and get ahead. Their internal impetus has been activated and they will go on to be life-long learners; which in our industry is imperative – we are all about change!

students learning

Dayna engaged our students and she was very impressed with their interest and questions.

Danya is part of the team at Milano Systems which provides clients with innovative business management software increasing profitability and efficiencies with technologically advanced tools such as: client and staff management, marketing, and inventory control with keen business intelligence.

We are extremely thankful and appreciative to Mr. Paul Pagliaro, President of Milano Systems, for the donation of the educational support he has given our students, staff, clients and CT Center. The benefits realized through this education will assist students as they journey out on their professional careers. Having the advanced educational opportunities assists students being sought after by high end businesses within the industry which they require for their apprenticeship programs. According to Mr. Paul Pagliaro, "We are passionate about technology and the beauty industry. Our development team has immersed themselves in the salon industry creating innovative software specific to the market. Our Education team has created curriculum that specifically meets the needs of the industry and accommodates learning styles via WEBinar, classroom, remote learning, and On-Site Training. Technically, our passion drives our perfection."

students learning

Milano Systems is one of the leading software companies in North America and we are very grateful to Paul and Dayna for what the students have been given – the opportunity of learning. Congratulations go to Paul, Dayna and all the dedicated students. Our passion is your success. Your passion is our success.