Calgary Board of Education

Knowledge is Power

September 10, 2011

As an educational Center, the CT Center Cosmetology Program prides itself on empowering students with the latest and most updated knowledge and skills to ensure they know what is "required and what is hot and happening in the industry." Knowledge is power only if the knowledge is applied, which I believe is our responsibility as educators.

We were very honoured to be able to have Ayman Taha, an expert in our Hairstyling field and Manager, AIT Client Services with Advanced Education and Technology, Apprenticeship and Industry Training, come and personally share the latest information/knowledge with our students. The students love Ayman and are forever engaged with him and asking questions about the industry and the Apprenticeship Program. They are learning to take responsibility for their personal learning journey and that industry will not babysit them; they have to find a business to apprentice under and they are required to be mature and responsible for their own learning. Ayman explained the 3 month Apprentice Training process option in Calgary which is funded by the Alberta Government. He stressed the fact that they need to realize that they cannot be late or miss a class- 3 strikes/absences and they are gone! We are sharing with our students at the Center fundamental skills they need to make it in the real world.

students learning       students learning

As we offer a very strong Apprenticeship Cosmetology Program at the CT Center we want to ensure that our students know what is expected of them and what skills, exams and training are required to be able to receive their Journeyman Certificate. Since the Cosmetology Hairstyling Program is a Compulsory Trade, there are very stringent rules and regulations with which we are expected to comply.

Earn while you Learn

Our students have the ability to attend classes, work in a salon and receive scholarships. Rather than paying thousands of dollars to attend a private school they can attend our CT Center and we personalize their program. Each student receives a personal Record of Courses Completed form which is recognized by Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board, Alberta Advanced Education & Technology and they are taught how to manage their personalized learning plan in order to realize their individual goals and intentions. The student has many choices on how to obtain their Journeyman status and the Cosmetology Program at the CT Center believes in empowering the students with knowledge and understanding on the specifics of each process so they can embark upon a process that works for them.

As they listened to Ayman, students were very excited about the amazing opportunities and the specific processes involved in being able to apply for Scholarships; with completion of specific requirements, students/apprentices can receive up to $4000.00 cash. We ensure that our students at the CT Center have that knowledge and understanding; check out

We are very excited that industry leaders are looking very closely at our students as Apprentices, and that is in line with the vision or mission of the CT Center which is to explore, specialize or credential in a program of the student's choice and build his or her own Program with a personalized learning plan.

We offer an extensive client service for the public and our students appreciate the ability to provide personal service to the community.