Calgary Board of Education

The WOW Factor – Keeping Abreast

May 2011 – written by Ellen Reichbart and Janine Oullette

students adjusting climazon machine

We, the students at the CT Centre are very excited to have such an incredible opportunity to learn and use such advanced technology as a “Climazon” which actually comes from Darmstadt, Germany. The Hairstyling/Apprentice Cosmetology Program at the CT Centre in Calgary, Alberta are very proud of the fact that we are one of the very few Hairstyling Centres in Canada to have the Climazon. The Climazon appliance has five heating elements with ventilation openings, each of which is equipped with a heating element and fan. The 2 side arms on the appliance can be folded out and the two side heating elements can be put in three positions. The adjustable elements make it possible for us to customize a service for each client. It makes us very excited that our Centre is keeping abreast of technology and we get to experience using such modern tools.

climazon screen

While we are providing a service (except drying or highlights) the temperature sensor measures the temperature at the customer’s head and automatically maintains the optimal treatment temperature. A protection filter over the temperature sensor stops it from soiling…it actually sings when the service is complete. You can manually or automatically start the appliance depending on the process you are doing.

We love the fact that the appliance is suitable for all the following treatment programs and products and the temperature levels are adjusted to suit the requirements of the particular treatment and can be changed. The settings on the appliance select a predominant hair type and specific programs which include:

climazon machine
  • Treatments Programs
    1. Coloring
    2. Highlights
    3. Lighteners
    4. Perming
    5. Drying
    6. Care
  • Coloring
    1. Color
    2. Temporary
    3. Plant base color
    4. High lift color

We are so happy that our clients enjoy being warm while having a service especially when the facility can be a bit cool from the air conditioning. We, the students and the clients love working with the Climazon because it is so different and are amazed at the results – timing is cut down more than 50% and the service is more convenient. Overall, we are thrilled to have the Climazon at our Centre, and proud to use it on our clients. We WOW! our clients. We feel very confident as students when we interview at salons for an apprenticeship as we know we are knowledgeable about the new and edgy equipment, services and products and that impresses our potential industry employers.