Calgary Board of Education

Michelle D. Wins First Place at Hairstyling Competition

April 11, 2011

Aspiring hairstylist students in the Calgary Board of Education participated in the Inter-School Hairstyling Competition on April 11, 2011.

washing hair in a salon

Michelle D. from Central Memorial High School took home first place with her elegant up-do, adorned with a signature purple flower.

The Inter-School Hairstyling Competition is designed to test students’ hairstyling skills. This year’s theme was: Creative Bridal Style (Long Hair) Evening. The event was hosted at the Career and Technology Centre – located in Lord Shaughnessy High School between 9:00am to 10:30am.

The participants had to comb the long hair of mannequins into an up-do, showing a bridal theme. Points were awarded for inspiration, creativity, degree of difficulty, balance and a clean finish.

“I’m nervous, but this is good preparation for the future. It will definitely help me get a job and an apprenticeship.” Michelle said before the competition.

The master judges are  from left to right  Leanne McKay, George Tignanelli, Anne Patterson, and Raymond Taleb.

The four participants gathered by their workstations at 9:00am and worked at the long tresses of the hair mannequins. At 10:30am, their work was evaluated by four members of the Hair Styling Master Judges Panel of Canada. To learn more about the Master Judges Program, please visit

”I think it’s amazing,“ Leanne, one of the judges for the event, enthused as she waited in the other room, ”It certainly does help prepare them for work, when they do hit competitions, when they are no longer students, because there are a lot more competitions as a professional stylist. They will gain a lot of experience and confidence – especially when they are in front of an audience and under pressure.”

When finished, all four of the mannequins looked exceptionally lovely, clean and professional. To pick the best one was a tough decision for the Master Judges, but after careful examination and consideration of the qualities of each mannequin, Michelle P. was announced the winner.

Our first place competitor will advance to compete at the Skills Canada Competition in Edmonton on May 11 and 12, 2011. The purpose of the challenge, as described in the Scope document of the 2001 Provincial Skills Canada Competition, is to “enable industry as well as observers to view the level of skills taught within secondary programs and to encourage interaction between the various sectors. This relationship will ensure the skills gained by young hairstylists at all levels of training meet the demands of the beauty industry. The competition also challenges students in hairstyling and promotes this career area.”

All of CBE wishes Michelle the best of luck on the Provincial Competition.