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media, design & communcation
  • program overview
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  • student expectations
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program overview

The Media Design and Communication (Broadcasting) courses offered will provide students with the opportunity to gain knowledge, experience and practical skills in the areas of videography/broadcasting, computer animation, and photojournalism. Most of the teaching is done with personal instruction from industry professionals as the student work through projects. As new technologies emerge in the industry, the training offered will evolve. Through learning and experience in Media Design and Communication, students will become aware of related career opportunities in this field.

student making a broadcast pitch

program delivery

Students may pursue courses in three distinct pathways that include; Videography/Broadcasting, Computer Animation, and Photojournalism. They will plan, capture and produce photography, animation and/or video assets using advanced equipment, techniques, and software that are the current standard for post-secondary and commercial facilities.

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course information

Students may arrive in the program with different levels of experience and course completion from their high schools and are matched to an appropriate curriculum at the CTC to complete studies in the pathway(s) of their choice. If introductory courses have not been completed at the home high school, these may be completed at the CTC, or in coordination with CBe-learn programs. Teamwork and collaboration on authentic, relevant projects for specific audiences is emphasized, and will culminate in the chance to experience a "real-time" broadcast of these finished projects in the live-production broadcast facility.


  • Introductory (5 credits available)
  • Intermediate (10 credits available)
  • Advanced (10 credits available)
student with camera

student expectations

facilities | students are expected to treat facilities and equpiment with care and respect.

supplies | students will need to purchase some of their supplies necessary for course instruction:
Memory Cards
| see fee schedule